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The BG-12 series from Fire-Lite Alarms is a cost-effective, feature-packed, non-coded series of manual fire alarm pull stations. They offer a variety of different models including single- and dual-action versions. The BG-12 series were designed specifically for use in multiple applications and offer the flexibility to meet the needs of both the installer and end-user.

BG-12 Series Features and Benefits

    Aesthetically pleasing, highly visible design and color.
    Attractive contoured shape and light textured finish.
    Easily operated(single- or dual-action), yet designed to prevent false alarms when bumped, shaken, or jarred.
    PUSH IN/PULL DOWN handle latches in the down position to clearly indicate the station has been operated.
    Multiple hex- and key-lock models available.
    Station can be opened for inspection and maintenance without initiating an alarm.
    The words “NORMAL” and “ACTIVATED” are molded into the plastic adjacent to the alarm switch (located inside).

Bg-12 - Firelite Fire Alarm Pull Station

SKU: 46191501
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