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Notifier FST-851 is an intelligent plug-in Heat Detector Head

Notifier 851 Series Intelligent plug-in detectors are compatible for use with all Notifier Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels.

Notifier 851 Series detectors can be used to replace the 751 Series plug-in detectors for legacy applications.

-- B210LP Standard U.S. flanged low-profile mounting base.
-- B710LP Standard replacement flanged low-profile mounting base.
-- B501 Standard European flangeless mounting base.
-- B200S Intelligent, programmable sounder base
-- B200SR Intelligent sounder base - Replaces B501BH series bases in retrofit applications.
-- B224RB Plug-in System Sensor relay base.
-- B224BI Plug-in System Sensor isolator detector base.
NOTE: All base types require an electrical backbox which is at least 1.5" (3.81 cm) deep.

Notifier FST-851 Intelligent Plug-in Heat Detector

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