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Every year, at least 70,000 U.S. workplaces experience a serious fire adding up to property losses that total more than $2 billion*. Keeping your home or workplace safe means more than fire protection, and so we offer total protection that extends to monitoring, service, and security.


We’ve been protecting lives and properties since 1991 — with the intensity, thoroughness, and dedication you’d expect from a company with a critical mission.

Our Mission: To lead our industry with cutting edge technology, and to exceed the customer's expectations. To offer timely and professional service with superior product knowledge while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

Our Vision: Continue to grow our business by being the most trusted company delivering the highest quality products and services.

Why Barnes Alarm Systems?

Maybe you’ve been getting by without considering fire protection and security. But if you end up part of the workplace statistic, keeping damage to a minimum can make the difference between an inconvenience and the end of your business or worse.

Our business is saving yours from the destruction of fire and security intrusions. Keeping your people, your building, and your assets safe. Making sure that your business is compliant with state and industry regulations. Keeping an inconvenience from becoming a calamity.

Trust the Experts

We install and maintain the right fire protection and security systems for your facility, whether that’s a restaurant or healthcare operation, a manufacturing plant or your own home.
Our technicians are fully certified and receive ongoing training. That means the technician working on your equipment has been trained in that specific service area. We give you one number to call when you need service. Whether you utilize just one of our services or a full range, you work with one Barnes Alarm Systems we make sure your fire-protection and security needs are met. We offer all the high-quality products you could want, configured and maintained for your needs by experienced associates to bring you total protection from one source.

Every point above is important, but what really sets us apart is something more. It’s our company culture of honesty—our devotion to doing the job right every time—that most ensures our customers stay safe. It’s the reason they choose Barnes Alarm Systems to protect what they’ve worked so hard for.

*Stats from OSHA

Barnes Alarm Systems, offers the finest in Commercial and Residential services including:

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire Alarm Inspections

  • Burglary Systems

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensing Devices

  • Intercom Systems

  • Card Access Control

  • Integrated Security Systems

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • 24 hour Monitoring

  • Automatic gate operators

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